The Things That Really Matter

The Things That Really Matter

A great way to be happy in life is to focus on the things that really matter. When all is said and done, it’s not that important how much money you have or things you own, it’s how much meaning you have in your life. At critical moments, people realize the importance of the deeper, more meaningful things in life: Saying I love you to someone, self-respect, learning, finding peace, hugging someone, talking with a child, caring for others, spending time with a friend and many other things that go beyond material possessions. What will you do to focus on the things that really matter?

Happiness Isn’t about Money

Being happy doesn’t have to be centered around money. Many people who focus solely on making money find that other areas of their lives are lacking. The key is to do what you love and keep taking action so you can move toward your dreams. Money can help you live comfortably but it can’t make you authentically happy. That comes from deep inside you and has nothing to do with material possessions or wealth.

There’s More to Life than Money

You’ve probably heard people say there’s more to life than money. Sure, it’s positive to be able to cover your bills and live comfortably, but you can’t find genuine happiness in money or material things because they don’t address the important issues in life like:

  • The quality of your relationships.
  • Whether you’re living authentically.
  • How you treat yourself and others.
  • What you do with your money.
  • Whether you make the world a better place.
  • Whether you’ve healed your inner hurts.
  • Whether you’re happy with yourself.
  • Whether your life has meaning.

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No amount of material wealth can help you be happy if you ignore the things that really matter in life and that make you a healthy, fulfilled person deep inside.

Happiness Comes from Inside

We often hear that happiness comes from inside and then we try to achieve fulfillment through material possessions, social standing or by controlling others. Looking for happiness through outside things doesn’t work because it doesn’t fix your deeper issues or make you stronger. At most, outside things provide temporary amusement or superficial satisfaction.

Being happy isn’t about how much stuff you have or how others view you; it’s about how you feel deep inside. What will you do to find happiness from within?

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Know The Meaning of Life

Many people aren’t happy because they don’t live meaningfully. This often happens because they focus on the superficial aspects of life instead of the deeper things that really matter. Having meaning in your life means doing meaningful things like learning, helping others, building relationships, working on being healthy emotionally and physically, treating others well and living authentically. They’re the things that make you feel great about yourself and the world. What will you do to find meaning in your life?

Little Things Matter

A lot of people get so caught up in trying to be successful, famous or rich that they forget that it’s the little things in life that really matter, such as:

  • A child giving you a picture she painted.
  • Holding someone’s hand.
  • Listening to someone telling a great story.
  • Reading a wonderful book.
  • Hugging someone.
  • Telling someone how important they are to you.
  • Looking in someone’s eyes.
  • A smile.

Being happy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or be grandiose in any way; it’s very often the small things that bring us greatest joy.

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