HOW TO BE HAPPY SINGLE | 3 Ways to Love Being Single

HOW TO BE HAPPY SINGLE | 3 Ways to Love Being Single

So personally I have been single for around 6 months, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I can’t believe that I just said that! Hi everyone,I will lay out four ways for you to start loving being single, and to start living your single life the best way you can!

Get a soulmate

Tip number one that I have for you is to know that you’re already whole and complete just by yourself. Growing up, we are so familiar with the idea of finding a soulmate, or having a prince charming as someone that will come into our life and miraculously make all of our problems disappear, and that person will complete you somehow, and I think that it’s so wrong. Because when we believe that someone else gonna come into our life and fulfill us, we externalize our power.

We give the power that we have to someone that we don’t even know, that we have no idea if that person is the right person for us! We give them all the power! It’s like saying to yourself that it’s wrong to be just by myself, that I’m not okay being with myself and I need you to be here so that I can feel love, that I need you to be here so that I can feel appreciated, I need you to be here so that I can feel like my life has a purpose, I need to be here to make me feel like I’m happy. Stop that, just stop that! Cause baby you are whole and complete 100% just by yourself, and I’m telling you that because it’s true.

I don’t I don’t care how long you been single for, I don’t care if it’s a month, six months, two years, four years, ten years, 20 years, 25 years of your life: It’s the same, baby it’s the same! I think that, you know, being single is such a great time in our life because imagine this: singleness is temporary, it’s likely that for the rest of your life, I don’t know like you can be single for another month, another year, another two-year, another five-year, but from that point till the rest of your life, you’re likely to always be with someone, you’re likely to always be with your partner, and your significant other, and your spouse right?

So basically, now being single is temporary, it’s the only time of our entire life to be single and to just focus fully on our self! And I think that is such an amazing opportunity to practice this self-love, this self-compassion and this self-worth, this sense of self-worth and self-esteem and everything that is beautiful; and realize that we are awesome, we are whole, and we are complete, and we ain’t need no one to come into your life and rescue us, and to solve our problems and make us happy, because we are capable of making us happy! I also want to talk about this idea of finding the one: I do believe in it to some extent.

I do believe that THE ONE- the most important person that’s meant for me is ME! So the one for me is me and the one for you is YOU! If you imagine that your dream partner waking up next to you, telling you that they love you, telling you that you’re beautiful, do all these special things for you, make you feel special, taking you out on dates, holding hands, kiss you; imagine that you do these things to yourself, because the one is you!

You can do all these things to yourself: you can wake up and tell yourself that you’re beautiful, you can kiss yourself goodnight, you can kiss yourself good morning, you can take yourself out on dates! Like why not? I I don’t think that there is anything shameful, anything desperate about that! And when we meet someone that is the right person, we have 2 whole persons that come together and make something really beautiful and special out of it! And even if we part ways, even if we breakup, we leave the relationship as a whole person.

Love Yourself

Moving on to the second tip: LOVE YOURSELF! I know, I know, I know everyone talks about self-love and how to love and appreciate yourself just the way you are; but in this article I just have to mention it again because it’s true! Babe like if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone to come into your life and love you?

A lot of people, including myself sometimes, who a lot of the times feel very insecure about how we look, about our body, about you know, our face, our finance, our talents, and wonder if we ever, you know, make it in our life; and especially when we compare ourselves to other people, it can be very toxic to our mental health. But baby it’s so silly because when you just take a step back and look at what you have right now, you’ll realize that you are so privileged, and every part of yourself is perfectly made for you: your eyes, your face, your body, your hair, your talent, your hand, your everything about you!

You are where you need to be, love yourself baby! I know that it sounds cheesy, and I know that you can like, all cringe right now, and just say that it’s so impractical, but it’s baby step, it can be a long process, it can be an ongoing journey. For me, it’s, you know it requires practice every day. It’s not like one day you wake up and you love yourself; and one day you wake up and you suddenly have a high self-esteem and believe in yourself and all that, you know like it doesn’t, it doesn’t happen like that. If now you’re insecure, and you’re not happy with yourself, take your time, know that it’s gonna be a process but the journey is worth it.

You know, in the past, I had all of these ex-boyfriends, and I gave them all my love, I gave them everything that I had, I just poured myself into the relationship, and I realize, now I realize that I lost myself in the process. I just gave, gave, and gave and gave and gave, and just gave everything that I had. When I got out of all these relationships, and really spend time being single, and really spend time to self-reflect, I start to give myself the love that I deserve I start to give myself the attention that I want, I start  to give myself the appreciation that I crave.

It’s just day by day I feel more at ease with myself and my current situation; and I realize that there’s nothing wrong with going through life by yourself, there’s nothing lacking about it! Self-love you guys! Give yourself to love, take care of yourself the way you want your partner to take care of you! Along with all those positive affirmations, focus on doing what you love!

Start doing what i love really helped me! I know it’s like common sense, but like you don’t get it until you start doing it you like for real, for real. So if you love painting, go paint! If you love playing soccer, go play soccer! If you love, I don’t know, writing, go write! If you love studying, go study! If you love wearing a crazy shirt, wear that shirt! Like life is just too short to not do what your love! Baby, do what you love please, and you will see that you don’t need anyone, any anyone to come into your life and and make you feel that way because you can make you feel that way just by doing what you love!

Enjoy Little Things

Tip number three is to enjoy the moment, enjoy the moment baby! Hands down this is the best time to focus on yourself, and finding out who you are, finding out what you’re passionate about, what makes you happy. For some people, it may be having your own business; for others, it may be singing, writing, coding, making music, you know, being an influencer, being an Instagrammer, being an blogger!

You know it can be anything! Anything that you do that gives you this fire in you. Do it more, do it more, do it more! Until you know, you wake up and you just can’t wait to get started, you just can’t wait do more of it, to have more of it, to Dive Right In!

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