4 easy lower body exercises that you can do at home

4 easy lower body exercises that you can do at home

Whether you want to look good in a swimsuit, or you simply want to wear a skirt with confidence, lower body exercises will add that touch to your legs that will have everyone looking your way. But what if you are just starting out? You have no access to the gym and you have no clue what exercises are best for beginners.

Well, just so you know, having access to the gym is not always necessary especially when you are just starting. There are many lower leg exercises that you can do at home without the use of machines or special equipment, and furthermore they are simple to do. While there are literally many lower body exercises at your disposal all you really need to start with are just these few basic exercises.


Squats are very basic yet one of the most effective lower body exercises that anyone can do regardless of fitness level. This exercise primarily targets various muscles of the legs which includes the quadriceps, hamstrings, and butt. It can be done on its own or with added weight like a pair of dumbbells or a barbell for a more intense workout.

Stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart with toes pointed forward. For stability be sure to tense your abdominal muscles throughout the workout.
With the back upright and slightly arched out steadily lower your hips as if you were sitting in a chair. All the weight should be focused on the heels. Inhale as you go down. Make sure that your knees do not bend pass your toes as that puts a great amount of pressure on the joints. If you can, try to get your legs as parallel to floor as possible.

Return to the standing position by reversing the same movements. Exhale as you come up. Keep your knees slightly bent when fully upright. Do not lock your knees as you can risk hyper extending the joints.

A variation of this exercise is the chair squat which is more or less the same except with the added safety of the chair catching you if you fall or lose your balance. Highly recommended for those who have not developed enough leg strength to do a full range squat.


This simple, but effective leg exercise targets the quads, hamstrings, and butt. While you can get a great workout with just body weight alone, you can add weight like holding a pair of dumbbells beside you to make it more challenging. lunges Stand shoulder width apart, upper body straight, and abdominal engaged. Step forward with one leg and lower your hips until your front knee is directly over your foot. Inhale as you go down. The back knee stays above the ground, and as always the front knee should never extend over your foot. As you step forward be sure that your weight is evenly distributed to both the front and back leg. Steadily come back to the starting position, and exhale as you come up. Repeat the exact same movements with the other leg. Keep in mind that both legs are one set.

Jump Squats

This simple variation of the squat not only targets the leg muscles, but builds explosive strength as well. While you can add weight to this exercise it is only recommended that you use light dumbbells. However body weight is enough to blast those leg muscles to kingdom come.

Jump-Squat color Stand with feet roughly shoulder width apart, knees at a slight bend, and abs engaged.
Just like the basic squat steadily lower your hips until your legs are parallel to the floor. Keep in mind again that all the weight should be focused on the heels.
From the squatted position jump upwards reaching as high as you can with your arms. You want that feeling of trying to reach for something from up above.
Land as softly as possible back into the squatted position with hands to the side and repeat step 3. In this case you don’t go back to the started upright position until you have finished your sets.

Calf Raises

We cannot forget about the lower part of our legs. The calves are just as important and completes the overall look of the legs. These are by far one of the most simplest exercises to do. All you need is a step or ledge to stand on. You can also hold dumbbells too add more resistance giving those calves a harder workout.

Standing-calf-raise color Stand on the platform or ledge with the balls of the feet firmly planted and heels hanging off the edge. Try to stay balanced as much as possible. Engage your core muscles for added stability.
Raise the heels to the point where you are on your toes, and hold for 2 – 3 seconds. You should feel a slight tensing of the calve muscles.
Lower your heels this time going slightly below the ledge. You should now feel a stretching sensation on the calves.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have done the required amount of sets.

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